10 Winter Web Design Tips to Warm Your Web Pages

The holidays are finally past and much of the country is settling in for another long, cold winter.

That makes it a great time to bring warm, sunny images to your web pages to make them seem brighter and more cheery for visitors who land on them. Here then are 10 web design tips for warming up your web pages:

1. Don’t Go Overboard — While you want to use warm, fuzzy colors such as orange and yellows during the winter months, don’t go too far. Background colors should be soothing, not glaring.

2. Spread Your Text Around — Don’t bunch your text up in the center of the page, in the margins or in another concentrated area. Spread it around the page to make your web design seem more relaxed and less cluttered.

3. Keep It Short — Visitors aren’t going to read dense blocks of text. Instead, use short, punchy sentences or bullet points to get your message across in as few words as possible.

4. No Motion — Avoid the temptation to add motion of moving GIFs on your web pages. These will only distract your visitors and prevent them from absorbing the warm overall mood you are trying to create.

5. Not Sure? Drop it! — If you aren’t sure why you are including something on your web page — an image, text or something else — it probably doesn’t belong there. Drop it like it’s hot!

6. Don’t Forget the Contact Information — A big mistake many web designers make is to forget to include contact information. If visitors have no way to reach you, it’s a web page FAIL!

7. Avoid Graphics That Aren’t Universal — Visitors to your page will use different equipment to view it. So make sure your graphics are accessible to everyone regardless of their browser.

8. Visit Your Own Websites — Check out your site from different browsers to see how it looks. Colors may look different, images may not be viewable, or other mistakes can be caught.

9. Avoid Blue Text — Don’t use blue as a text color because most visitors  will assume it’s a link.

10. Sparse is Best — Winter lends itself to sparse, wide open spaces. Reflect the season by leaving more open space on your web pages during winter months.



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