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Choosing a web designer can sometimes create a lot of confusion. The internet is full of many suggestions which sometimes contradict with each other. Reading them closely, however would indicate that they are the same just expressed in a different manner. Sometime we just have to rely on ourselves how to dissect things in order to understand them better. One of the things that bother me is how the graphic design should look like. I have this nagging feeling inside me what kind of web designer should I hire. I mean, there are graphic designers that are really good at coming up with wonderful pictures and color combination. However, I feel that things that they’re doing is the end and not just the means.  It’s picture perfect, but does it bring in visitors and convert them to customers? In my long years of analyzing graphic designs I realized that there are two kinds of graphic designer, the pure artistic and the practical one. There are graphic designers that looked at their work as the most important part of the website, forgetting that the product should be the centerpiece. They don’t see that it should only be the means in promoting the product. They look at their work as an artist and they believe that it can by itself promote not only the product but create interest on the entire website. The more practical web designers are always looking for ways in promoting the product. The product takes center stage and not the website. Their graphic designs  have some influencing factor in giving the website some artistic touch, but mostly its product oriented. Which is more effective, the first approach or the second one? Painters are pure artists. They paint what they want and don’t care what others will say. Whether the viewers will like it or not that’s there is all to it. On the other hand ads maker are very sensitive to the public perception. They want to impress the public and get their attention. So which is more successful between the two? Panthers will take years to succeed, but advertisers can’t wait that long. So how do you know which designer to choose? Choose the one gives more importance to your product brand than his artwork. How will you know? Tell him what your product is. If he’s not very interested in what you’re selling he has already a graphic design in mind and your product is not the most important feature for him, his artwork is. Looking at his portfolio would be the best thing to do it. How his graphic design gives credence to the product. Next, visit the actual website and look at the effect. Do you want to have the same in your own website? You might be impressed by how it looks, but what is its overall effect. It’s like you are attending a small gathering where everybody is wearing casuals and then somebody came wearing a formal gown. It’s out of place for sure and you won’t appreciate it definitely. Visitors would be put off by an elaborate graphic design that has nothing to do with the product. The two should complement each other. This is what we do best at Lytron Brasil Design. We put your product ahead of everything. Our Web Design BH experts have helped all our customers in this city succeed in their online business by doing the right thing. We can do the same to you. Nothing is out of place, everything falls in line perfectly.


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