Top Web Design Elements for 2015

MCJ Cleaning & Prestige - Professional Cleaning Services Tailored to you.

MCJ Cleaning & Prestige – Professional Cleaning Services Tailored to you.

It’s a new year, so it’s time to review some of the top web design features that can make your web pages more unique, more attractive and and fresher in 2015.

While it’s not necessary to use each of these cutting edge design elements on every page, by mixing and matching them in different combinations, you can create memorable pages that truly jump out at page visitors:

1. Unique Fonts

Most websites use whatever default font setting is on their dashboard. But you can really make your pages look interesting by choosing modern-looking fonts that are cool and stylish. Just make sure they aren’t so extreme that they make it difficult to read your content.

While choosing a great looking font can improve your web design, once you find a cool font you like, it’s a good idea to stick with it throughout your content. Mixing together too many different fonts on the same page can be jarring and may cause page visitors to click off of your pages more quickly.

2. 3-D Is Out

Using too many three-dimensional effects can make a web page look phony and dated. Instead, go for a flat design look for your web design. Flat design uses simple illustrations that usually have bright, primary colors.

Flat design is appealing because it offers a minimalist look that draws attention to your content, rather than to the cleverness of your web design. It also can make your pages look clean and slick.

Modern looking pages have more white space, compared to older web pages which tended to cram as much as possible into every possible corner of the web page. Today’s web users appreciate simplicity.

3. Hover Effects Are Back In

For a while there, every web designer avoided hover effects like the plague. But now they are back in vogue among the cool kids.

Hover effects change the color of what you are looking at when you place your cursor over a part of a website. This draws your page visitor’s attention to what you want them to see. Plus, it’s a cool effect that can enhance the user’s experience. Unlike pop-up boxes, hover effects aren’t intrusive. But they can help the visitor keep track of where they are looking on a page.

4.  BIG Product Images

While product images have always been a big part of promotional pages, modern web pages tend to have big product images. How big? Close to novelty sized.

Big product images serve a dual purpose: They fill up a lot of space with an attractive image of whatever you are trying to promote. Plus, they allow page visitors to get a detailed look that they couldn’t get from a tiny thumbnail image or a smaller image.

In addition to the primary image, you also can include big images that highlight details you want your page visitors to see more closely.

Including the most up-to-date web design elements on your web pages can make them look modern and appealing to your page visitors so they will keep coming back again and again.


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