How to Keep Fit When Working in Front of a Computer All Day

Web designers and other people who work with computers have a disadvantage when it comes to fitness. Because they are sitting in front of a screen for eight or more hours per day, they are more likely to gain weight, be less active and have related health issues.

There’s even a term for it: “Web Spread”.

This is a real problem because as more and more jobs become automated, a growing percentage of the work force will be spending an increasing amount of time sitting at a computer.

Ways to Beat ‘Web Spread’

One recent study that was widely reported in the media bombastically claims that “sitting is the new smoking”. In other words, the sedentary lifestyle a growing number of people are embracing is leading to as many health consequences as cigarette smoking.

So how can the average worker avoid web spread and the resulting health issues? Here’s a few tips:

  • Stand More Often — If you spend most of your workday sitting down, make a point of taking regular breaks. Walk around the office for a few minutes every hour or two. Go outside during your lunch break and walk around the block or parking lot.
  • Snack Better — There’s a tendency to eat mindlessly when working in front of a computer. Many people don’t even realize they are eating — or what they are eating — when they are engrossed in their work. Switch to healthier snacks, such as microwave popcorn, carrot sticks or celery stalks. Not only are these lower in fat, but they contain important vitamins and nutrients that will improve your immunity and overall health.
  • Consider Getting a ‘Standing Desk’ — One of the newest trends in office furniture this year is the standing desk. This is an elevated surface that you can work on while standing up. Typically, these types of desks are adjustable, so they can be used when you are sitting down as well.

Working in front of a computer all day can be hazardous to your health. Add these healthy habits to your workday and you can avoid getting web spread.



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