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custom-responsive-web-site-florida2Part of my job as a marketing consultant is to research what is trending in the world, especially when it comes to my forte, which is digital marketing and website development.
As some of you may have heard, on the 17th of this month Google made an important announcement in regards to website development mobile friendliness, meaning, Google is now demanding that all websites must be entirely comparable to all mobile devices. Before this announcement, Google was ok with a website being “mobile friendly” which is essentially, when a user or visitor can browse through a website on a mobile device as if he/she was using a computer. Now, as part of the so-called Google experience to its users, the company has decided to change that reality, forcing websites to have a mobile version. All websites that are not in compliance with these changes, may be impacted and can loose on the way they are currently ranking, therefore it is extremely important that all websites that aren’t mobile ready, take the necessary actions to accommodate Google’s new request and time is of the essence.
As your digital agency, we are committed to assist you making this transition as smooth and cost effect as possible.
You can read Google’s announcement here:

Giovanni Tavares
Marketing Consultant


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